Multi-day & Private

Landscape Photography Workshops

Experience the High Country and Alpine regions like never before. Explore some of the most beautiful locations in Victoria whilst learning both in-the-field and post procesing techniques to produce stunning images.

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"Joining Jeff's photography workshop was a fantastic experience that went above and beyond what I was expecting. Our trip to Bright and the surrounding areas was just the perfect spot for a deep dive into photography, with Jeff's expert help making all the difference.

Jeff is more than just a teacher - he's a guide who really knows his stuff, but also knows how to explain it in a way that makes sense. He's patient, kind, and obviously enjoys sharing his passion for photography. You can tell he loves seeing his students get better and more confident with their shots."

- Phil P

"Jeff has the perfect temperament for this kind of activity. He was well-resourced, with the skillsets necessary to keep the thing moving, plus a commitment to research topics & assist as they arose.

Jeff's commitment to a full & varied shooting schedule was really impressive. I was also really impressed with the theory & processing sessions, I couldn't fault the entire workshop."

Murray B


"I had a three day one-on-one workshop with Jeff in May 2023.

Jeff's teaching style is uncomplicated, fun and effective - I can certainly see the difference in my before and after workshop images.

Being a local Jeff knows the best locations for the weather / time of day and we photographed accordingly. In those three days we had fog, sun, snow and rain and Jeff knows the best place to be for them all. I came home with more variety of images than expected too.

Jeff’s processing skills are similar to his teaching style, uncomplicated and effective. Look forward to another workshop with Jeff next year."

- Heather F

"I highly recommend Jeff's Autumn in the High Country workshop. He allowed us to explore each site and then gently guided us to improve the compositions and settings to achieve the image that we were aiming for. Plenty of one one one guidance and I enjoyed his post-processing sessions later in the day. Lots of laughter and good company and I can confidently say it was the best workshop I have been on."

- Felicity J


Check out my latest videos on my YouTube channel.

Chase CONDITIONS and NOT locations | How to instantly IMPROVE your Landscape Photography

In this video I discuss the importance of understanding a locations conditions and how this knowledge can be used to dramatically improve your landscape photography images.


In this video I explore the Australian Alpine region and look for opportunities in amongst this dense and chaotic landscape.

Tips for photographing AUTUMN COLOUR | Landscape Photography

In this video I head out to a local town in my area in search of some early signs of Autumn colour.
I walk you through compositional tips as well as other things to think about when photographing Autumn colour.

AUTUMN Photography with a 100-400mm Telephoto Zoom Lens | Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques

In this video I head out on a beautiful foggy morning to photograph some local Autumn trees. The early morning defused light through the thick fog makes for some stunning Autumn scenes.


the victorian high country

Come join me on a workshop and take your photography to the next level

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Online education

Personalised online education sessions via zoom. Learn how to process your images, gain valuable feedback on your work or go deeper with your photography to understand and create more meaningful and expressive photography.



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