Dinner Plain / Mount Hotham


Landscape Photography Workshop

Dinner Plain / Mt. Hotham

Alpine National Park

26th July - 30th July 2024

4 nights

4 Places

Based in Dinner Plain

Experience And Fitness Level

A moderate fitness level

The Region

Dinner Plain / Mt. Hotham

Set in the heart of the Alpine National Park in Victoria's High Country, the villages of Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham are the perfect places to explore the Alpine region.

What is usually a desolate landscape becomes a photographers dream in Winter as heavy snowfall blankets the region and is transformed into a Winter wonderland that reveals a hidden beauty unmatched anywhere else in Australia.

Learn how to photograph stunning snow scenes

The Workshop

Workshop details

This workshop is aimed at those wishing to capture the glorious alpine region when it is covered in snow.

Whilst it's primary focus will be on photographing stunning snow covered landscape scenes, it aims to give participants, at any level, a vast range of photographic opportunities to shoot and learn.

You will learn everything you need to know to produce stunning snow scene imagery. I will teach you my entire start-to-finish workflow from in-field techniques such as correctly exposing for the snow all the way through to editing your images to produce a natural yet impactful image. What I have learned over the years of spending many Winter's in the snow is that the editing process in producing these types of high-key snow scenes is equally as important to perfect as capturing the scene out in the field.

With an abundance of photographic locations and subjects to shoot the workshop will be adaptive to weather conditions. During our meet and greet on the first day, I will sit down and assess the weather conditions and plan out locations accordingly to ensure you have the best chance of maximising on the conditions at that particular time.

I will continually assess the changes in conditions and locations may get shuffled around according to the changes in weather. Alpine conditions frequently change, particularly in Winter making weather difficult to forecast and requiring a level of adaptability for the highest chance of success.

Having a list of locations and then allocating locations to the optimal conditions forecast over the course of the workshop allows for the best in-field teaching as well as you increasing your chances of capturing these subjects in the best lighting / conditions.

Living in the High Country and frequently spending time in alpine locations has given me years of experience and
knowledge about reading and adapting to changes in the weather.

What you will learn

In the field

The workshop is aimed at improving on your current abilities both in the field and editing your images. Each participant will be at a
different stage; therefore, I will work with you individually to improve on your current knowledge base and skillset.

With a focus on snowy landscapes, you will learn everything you need to know to produce stunning snow scenes. I will teach you my process for finding and composing scenes in the snow which requires a slightly different approach to your usual landscape scenes.

I have limited the workshop to a small group size to allow for plenty of time to be spent with each participant to provide personalised tuition.

Working with you in the field I will guide you through my approach to different types of scenes and the things I consider when framing up compositions. I will talk you through my thought process and how I find scenes in nature.

Examples of other things you will learn out in the field will include;

- How to use your camera proficiently

- Understanding and creating compelling compositions

- Methods for shooting wide and small scenes

- Understanding different lenses and when to use them

- Understanding different types of light

- Creative vision and storytelling

- Learning to correctly expose for different light and scenes.

- Methods for creating tack sharp images


We will take a close look at the core fundamentals of Landscape Photography.

We will do a deep dive into Composition and Light providing examples of images where these have been executed correctly and incorrectly.

Gaining a clear understanding of these core fundamentals will transform your imagery and take it to the next level.

These sessions will be conducted in a 'classroom style' format to ensure the content is delivered without distraction.

Post Processing

I will conduct post processing sessions during the workshop and guide you through my entire workflow. These sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence to edit your raw files and bring your visions to life.

I will also take you through my process of editing snow scenes which I have developed over the years of photographing in snowy conditions.

Examples of things you will learn during the post processing sessions include;

Getting the most out of your RAW files.

Creating an effective and easy to use workflow

Understanding the strengths of editing images in Lightroom vs. Photoshop

A start-to-finish workflow on how I edit my own images

Understanding colour theory and how it impacts your images

Creating impact whilst maintaining a natural look and feel to your images.

An overview session will be conducted to give those new to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop a look and understanding of the programs and learn some of the basics such as how to import your images and catalogue them. We will then work through setting up your Raw editor software and then look at some basic adjustments.

I can then work with each participant individually to provide upskilling based on each person’s level of knowledge and understanding with image processing.

What's Included

4 nights’ accommodation

Transportation during the workshop to photography locations

In the field coaching

Daily resort entry into Mount Hotham

Image processing sessions

Farewell dinner

What's Not Included

Flights / transportation to Dinner Plain

Food and beverage

Travel insurance

Meals / Food

Food, snacks and beverages are the responsibility of the workshop attendees. Dinner Plain has a variety of eating out options including pubs, cafe's and restuarants. The options for groceries is more limited however can be purchased on the way in nearby towns.

A farewell dinner (meal only) will be held on the last night and is included in the cost of the workshop. Drinks including alcohol will be at the expense of the workshop participant.

Our accommodation has suitable cooking facilities however some pre planning will be required to purchase groceries in nearby towns on the way to the workshop.


We will be staying in the heart of the Dinner Plain village in one of the famous Dinner Plain chalet's. Our accommodation is a 3 storey, 5 bedroom chalet providing plenty of space and comfort for attendee's during the course of the workshop.

Located in the village hub, we will have easy access to shop's and restaurants as well as providing a close and easy place to retreat to at any time during the the workshop.

Having our home base in Dinner Plain will add to the winter alpine experience and we may even wake up to some fresh snowfall on our doorstep.

Secure your place

To secure your place on this workshop a $750 (non-refundable) deposit is required.

Final payment is required 45 days prior to the commencement of the workshop (11th June 2024).

By booking your place on this workshop you acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Ultimate Alpine Workshop July 2024 - **SOLD OUT**

Ultimate Alpine Workshop July 2024 - **SOLD OUT**

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