Intimate Plant Photography

Photographing Nature's Smaller Details


Royal Botanical Gardens

28th - 29th October 2024

2 Full Days

6 Places

Small group size

Experience Level

Beginner - Intermediate


Royal Botanical Gardens - Melbourne

The Royal Botancial Gardens Melbourne is widely admired as a living work of art and one of the world's most beautiful botanic gardens.

With its stunning display of beautifully maintained plants and flowers it makes it the perfect place to learn the art of intimate plant photography.

The Workshop

Workshop details

The workshop provides photographers with an introduction into photographing small scene's in nature.

The aim of this workshop is to help you begin to notice the smaller details in nature. Learning to 'see' is an integral part of photographing small and intimate scenes and requires an understanding of what it is you are actually looking for in nature.

As an introductory course I chose plants and flowers as a subject to teach the concepts and techniques of photographing intimate scenes as they provide a wide variety of options to practice with and can be found almost anywhere afterwards for participants to continue practising.

The workshop will also explore the artistic and creative side of photography and how you can incorporate this into your intimate scenes to produce both unique and personal images.

What you will learn

The workshop will be split into two parts

1. Classroom Based Learning

2. In-Field Learning

Classroom Based Learning


Both the theory and post processing sessions will be conducted in a conference room located within a short distance from the Botancial Gardens.

The theory sessions will include a deep dive into certain core fundamentals such as Composition & Light that will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how to take your images to the next level.

I will also be discussing in detail the fundamentals of the Intimate Landscape as well as the Art of Seeing.

Post Processing

I will conduct a post processing session during the workshop and guide you through my entire workflow. This session will give you the knowledge and confidence to edit your raw files and bring your visions to life.

The session will have a focus on editing small intimate scenes and some of the tools and techniques I use specifically for these types of images.

Examples of things you will learn during the post processing sessions include;

Getting the most out of your RAW files.

Creating an effective and easy to use workflow

Understanding the strengths of editing images in Lightroom vs. Photoshop

A start-to-finish workflow on how I edit my own images

Creating impact whilst maintaining a natural look and feel to your images.

In-Field Learning

The workshop is aimed at changing the way you see and think when out in nature. One of the key aspects of looking beyond the grand landscape to find the smaller details in nature is to take a 'slow' approach with your photography.

With a focus on intimate scenes, you will learn everything you need to know to produce impactful small scenes. I will teach you my process for finding and composing intimate scenes which requires a slightly different approach as well as a change in mindset compared to the traditional approach to landscape scenes.

I have limited the workshop to a small group size to allow for plenty of time to be spent with each participant to provide personalised tuition.

Working with you in the field I will guide you through my approach to different types of scenes and the things I consider when framing up compositions. I will talk you through my thought process and how I find scenes in nature.

Examples of other things you will learn out in the field will include;

- How to use your camera proficiently

- Understanding and creating compelling compositions

- Methods for shooting small intimate scenes

- Understanding different lenses and when to use them

- Understanding different types of light

- Creative vision and storytelling

- Learning to correctly expose for different light and scenes.

- Methods for creating tack sharp images


What's Included

In the field coaching

Image processing session

Theory sessions

Lunch (including morning / afternoon tea) on day 1

What's Not Included

Flights / transportation to Melbourne


Food on day 2

Travel insurance

Secure your place

To secure your place on this workshop a $200 (non-refundable) deposit is required.

Final payment is required 45 days prior to the commencement of the workshop (13th September 2024).

By booking your place on this workshop you acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Intimate Plant Workshop

Intimate Plant Workshop

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