Artist Statement

Photography came to me at a much-needed time in my life. I had always had a keen interest in the arts and felt I have always had something to say through some form of artistic expression, however I just hadn't found the right tool. 
At the time I came across landscape photography I had just moved to one of the most stunning places in our country, the Victorian High Country. I had much time to commit to the art form and I had plenty to say.
Photography has not only given me the tool to express myself both artistically and creatively but it has also brought me much closer to nature.
It has taught me that photography is less about the final image and more to do with the experience of being out in nature. And this, is what I hope is conveyed through my images, the feeling of being there, standing as I did in front of that particular scene.
Being out in nature gives me a great sense of calm and peacefulness and has also become a form of meditation for me. This calmness is something I also try to bring to my images.The way our society has evolved, we have become so busy with work and family life that for many there is little time left to get out in nature. There are many proven benefits of spending time out in nature for your wellbeing and whilst some may not have the time to do so I hope through my images I can bring that same sense of calm and peacefulness into your home or office.