For a while now I have found greater fulfilment in releasing my images as a body of work centred around a theme.

It is not something I force, however over time I have found I am able to pull together a small collection of images that work cohesively as a themed body of work.


For me, the theme comes secondary to the actual image making. I don’t shoot for a theme but rather find images that may work well cohesively when viewed together.


On a recent break from social media, I put the time into getting some projects off the ground that I have had in mind for a while now

and one of those was collating a collection of images from a recent period of experimentation of style and subject matter with my photography brought on by a lack of inspiration.


I have been struggling with inspiration for some time now and I feel there are a number of factors that have contributed to this, however, the most obvious has been social media.


Social media, in particular Instagram, provides a constant flood of images that after a while you find your feed feels like it’s on repeat.

Everything begins to look the same and the uniqueness of a person’s work is lost in the tech companies’ manipulative tactics used to compete for your constant attention.


I found myself feeling uninspired and uninterested in photography as a whole which ultimately left me wanting to explore different styles and themes to reignite my creative energy.


I began my search with researching more artistic styles of photography, in particular impressionistic styles which I have always been fond of

and this of course led me to exploring techniques such as Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and multiple exposures.


What usually comes with trying any sort of new process or technique is a great deal of failure.

One can easily be left feeling disheartened and looking for a shortcut to success through replicating work seen elsewhere and I found this to be the case with the majority of the ICM work I created.


Whilst there were many images that worked well as both abstract images and suited the style of ICM, for me I felt I had seen them all before.

I also felt that whilst I do not restrict myself to creating work that fits within a certain style, I didn’t feel that the ICM work was something that I personally connected with from the images that I created.

In saying that, it might be something I revisit at a later date.


The collection I have released, whilst much smaller than originally anticipated, embodies the feelings and moods I was hoping to achieve and convey at that point in time.


A great deal of inspiration for this exercise into exploring a different style of photography came from previous iterations of the impressionist movement both in paintings and photography.


And whilst the images in my collection may not represent a traditional ‘impressionistic’ look, I wanted to point out that I used it simply as a form of inspiration… to create my own images.


The images I did manage to create that looked closer to a traditional impressionistic look, felt both contrived and unoriginal and therefore I chose not to include them.


The intent behind this exercise was not to find a new direction for my photography but to reignite the love I have for creating images. I have since found that again, and have been out creating new images which I hope to share soon.


I hope you enjoy this small but intimate collection of new work and please feel free to shoot me a message and provide feedback on the work or your thoughts on any of the topics I discussed in this blog post.

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